Basic Scrum

This one-day class gives a fun, actionable, overview of the Scrum approach to Agile. I use a team-based approach that will get your teams on their feet, interacting, making decisions, and delivering on time. We will build a Lego® city during the day with changing requirements and real-life scenarios.

What You'll Learn

The Basic Scrum class is fun, functional, and based in the real world.
  • How to kick of a large Agile Project with a detailed Inception Phase
  • Aligning teams around the user journey, not technical components
  • Aligning ‘Epics’ against the user journey
  • Estimating with points
  • Calculating velocity and predicting a launch date
  • How to hold efficient standups, grooming, planning, and retrospective meetings

In my Basic Scrum class, attendees will be separated into teams, be given specific parts of a Lego® city to build, and be challenged by ever-changing requirements and team members.

Along the way, the class will learn how Scrum can fundamentally change an organization’s approach to innovation, estimation, planning, and delivery.

Each team will practice point estimation, grooming, planning, and hold ‘daily’ standups, while always focusing on customer needs.

We will also leave time to discuss ‘Inception’ phases and integrating UX/CX into the sprint process.

Based on challenges your company is having, we will discuss actionable techniques to build innovation, alignment, and quality delivery into your team’s every-day approach.

Who Should Attend

This class is perfect for both beginners and experts. As much as possible, we try to move at least one experienced developer into each team so they can talk about their experience, and hear the concerns of those who are just beginning their journey to a more Agile delivery model.

This class focuses on actual delivery issues your company is facing, and not readiness for the CSM or CST exams, though it will be a good introduction for both.

  • We have nothing but praise for Barclay. Extremely sharp, direct, with a wicked sense of humor.

    Perry WangVP Production, Trigger LLC
  • We are extremely pleased with Barc's professionalism and passion.  Barc is exceptionally adept at facilitating workshops, conflict resolution and even coaching reports all which were invaluable.

    Matt ZyburaDirector Web Management, Citrix
  • Barc is an amazing leader. Looking back on the 5+ years we worked closely together I can honestly say that he made me into a better designer, team member and leader. He is a prodigiously talented analyst of complex service delivery organizations, and a tireless champion of quality and transparency.

    Chris ChandlerDesign Practice Lead, Fandango

Learn Basic Scrum with me, Barc Holmes. I have over 25 years of experience working with executives in marketing departments at Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Intuit, Verizon, Citrix, American Honda, and many others. I help teams innovate, test, and deliver results faster using a lightweight team-based delivery framework.

By building great teams, tools, and processes, I’ve delivered hundreds of software products (web, mobile, intranet), on-time, and on-budget. These projects have earned millions (and, in some cases, billions) for companies like Disney, Verizon, Mirage Resorts, Honda, Toyota, General Motors, Logitech, Intuit, Citrix, and many more

  • Bellagio Las Vegas
  • Citrix
  • Disney
  • Logitech
  • Intuit