The Internal Consultant. Grow the value of your new team members.

This one-day course teaches people in your organization how to think like an internal consultant and deliver value like the pros. Building rapport, listening, presenting expertise and recommendations, and receiving feedback is critical to consulting success. Do your employees often forget they need to seek out solutions and think ahead? Do they often fade back into their cubicles without facing the real issues? This training course provides practical answers and simple models that will guide your teams to always think like consultants who need to bring value wherever they can. We will cover Building Rapport, Listening Techniques, Presenting Options, Delivering Value, and Receiving Feedback in this highly interactive and demanding class.

What They'll Learn

The Internal Consultant class gets your team on their feet, speaking in public, and dealing with real-world problems.
  • Simple models for building rapport and trust
  • How to really listen to your clients and customers
  • Presenting your expertise concisely, and how to apply it to the issue at hand
  • Effectively presenting research, options, and recommendations
  • How to be authentic and caring (and not say just what you think your client wants to hear)
  • How to take tough feedback from your client, boss, or partner, even when the chips are down

Your employees have talent and knowledge in specific areas, or you likely wouldn’t have hired them.

However, many employees, especially those straight out of college, don’t realize they need to learn how to listen, analyze, and present back options and recommendations so they stick. In a word, they need to learn persuasion.


This one-day class will give them simple models (that they memorize) to handle these basic business situations and succeed.

This class focuses on those who have not learned how to navigate large corporations; to make change, build rapport, and keep teams focused. Though the skills taught (like how to greet executives, how to present a point of view, how to receive critical feedback) might seem obvious, many of our employees have never done it.

This class will give your new employees, and those that need a refresher, the basics on good consulting skills in business.

This class is comprised of case studies, interactive exercises, and presentations in front of the whole room. Though many people are afraid of public speaking, I will stand by each presenter and coach them to success.

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