The Agile Product Owner. Developing a product vision while adjusting for change.

This one-day course teaches product owners everything they need to know about starting an Agile project. Creating a vision, prototype, and customer buy-in are key steps the Product Owner needs to lead before the first line of code is written. But Scrum teams are often eager to get started: As a Product Owner who wants to deliver quickly, what are the right things to focus on from the beginning? How much documentation and testing is necessary up-front? What needs to be set in stone now and what can wait? This training course provides practical answers to these questions. We will cover Scrum Basics, specific outlines for Inception, Grooming, and Planning meetings, and talk about Barc’s experience with what works and what doesn’t.


The Inception process starts before the sprint cadence begins. You will learn how to efficiently story map, concept, and prepare for your first sprints with plenty of time for ‘blue sky’ thinking.

Collaborative Design

You will learn how and when to bring in user experience maps, concept maps, wireframes, and copy docs to your partners and customers.

User Testing Cadence

Once assets begin to drop into the sprint process, you will learn how to integrate user feedback into the grooming process.

What You'll Learn

The Basic Scrum class is fun, functional, and based in the real world.
  • How to kick of a large Agile Project with a detailed Inception Phase
  • Aligning teams around the user journey, not technical components
  • Aligning ‘Epics’ against the user journey
  • Estimating with points
  • Calculating velocity and predicting a launch date
  • How to hold efficient standups, grooming, planning, and retrospective meetings
  • Citrix
  • Disney
  • Bellagio Las Vegas
  • American Honda
  • Logitech