Consultants Bore Quickly

It’s not that hard to figure out when you are working with a consultant who already has a preconceived model he or she thinks will solve your problems.

Today in the software delivery world, it’s bound to involve agile, kanban, or design thinking.

Not that any well researched and tested methodology or framework is bad, but not every framework will work for every situation, of course.

The question I’d ask your consultant is, “How many different models have you worked with directly?” In any particular space, there are bound to be dozens over the past twenty years.

Then ask, “What works where? Where doesn’t it work?” You’ll quickly learn how long the consultant has been at this and the number of tools they have in their kit.

Then, of course, “Tell me about the similarities of problems you’ve solved elsewhere with those you see here.”

Note, because the model is new doesn’t mean it’s better or the old model is disproven. Sometimes, the old model isn’t used any more just because people got bored of it.

Executives bore easily. Consultants bore even faster.