Listening Closely

Jun 09, 2012 by Barc Category: Blog, Uncategorized 0 comments

Listening closely to another person when they talk is very hard to do. It’s even harder than meditating by yourself in a quiet room.

At least for me, trying to clear my mind for 15 minutes is spotty at best. But clearing my mind, and fully letting the words of whomever I am talking with fully sink into my cranium is almost impossible.

But it’s the best remedy. For both of us. I learn so much when I really listen: About the person, their background, how they think, their priorities. And, almost always, their thoughts, always headed in a slightly different direction from mine, change my life.

Just a little.

And, since people rarely listen to one another, the other person seems to appreciate me fully listening to them. Even if I don’t have anything brilliant to say after I’ve heard what they have to say.

Please note: The above is the rule for most one-on-one conversations. On conference calls and business meetings, none of the above apply. If you have no self confidence and want to be sure everyone in earshot thinks you are worthy, come up with something random to say.