Fixing a Sore Thumb

Oct 09, 2018 by Barc Category: Consulting, Management 0 comments Tags: interviewing

Interview Tip #598: It’s not a great idea to tell your interviewer all that’s bad about their company’s mobile app, web site, customer experience, or customer service (though you think it’ll make you look smart and on it).

Nine times out of ten, your interviewer will be well aware of the problem and more embarrassed about it than you.

Your interviewer will also likely have more context about the sore, why it sticks out and hasn’t been fixed.

When people start an interview with a smart though critical observation, my response is, ‘Really? Tell me how you would fix that?’ I want to hear how they would navigate our business from that distance, influencing everyone up and down the chain to make what might seem like a small change.

Letting an interviewer know how you helped solve problems just like that one in the past is a good idea, however.

Whatever you do, stay focused on the customer and describe how every tool in your toolkit is there to help pry loose the blockers. Not to fling mud.