Maybe One Leg’s Shorter

Jun 07, 2012 by Barc Category: Blog, Uncategorized 0 comments

I start with the assumption that people are good, and they are on Earth to do the best they can.

Of course, we all took different paths to get through the labyrinth of life so far, so we all have a different idea of what’s right, or how to get something done.

Some think it’s by taking a bunch of left turns. Others veer right.

I don’t, as a habit, try to mentor or instruct them that they are wrong. They are, of course, absolutely right about how they got to wherever they’re standing at the moment.

But for hear on in, for whatever reason, we’re all standing at the exit of the labyrinth, facing the open field in front of us.

That’s exciting to me.

My responsibility, at least as a manager, is to paint of picture of why it’s a good idea to walk directly towards the horizon.

And not keep taking a left.

Or a right.

Or turn around and head back into the labyrinth.

I’m no dreamer. It’s my job to frequently re-direct when the old natural tendencies take over.

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