Programmatic Ad Placement

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I find programmatic ad placement fascinating. If it works as planned, what will happen to the ad buying department at ad agencies? Seems like they might become superfluous.

What would really interest me is when your whole page (either web or mobile)  is ‘on the auction block’, where you could make bids on the content, placement, navigation, etc, then sit back and watch the fireworks.

Analytics and multi-variant tests provide this ‘auction’ after the fact, of course. But designers, IAs, and content strategists seem so much slower on the recognizing success than marketers.

I dream of some day having an easy-to-use dashboard that allows teams to set up many different page, content, and navigation configurations with a filter for audience targeting. The templates would respond to what’s working and clearly chart what’s not.

It might be out there already, I just haven’t seen development teams responding to it like marketers are responding to programmatic ad placement.

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