Record, Create, Help

Dec 30, 2018 by Barc Category: Uncategorized 0 comments Tags: Creating

I just watched a couple of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown from his last season.

It made me sad we lost a prolific guy like that.

I’ve read most of his books and watched most of his interviews as well. As far as I can tell, he was pretty much as presented, a profane rascal who loved food and pretty much worked (cooked, wrote, edited, or filmed) all the time.

Whatever his demons, there was definitely talent there.

I often think of his comment that we should all create something every day. I’m inspired by that. In some ways, it lowers the bar to entry.

Some of his writing reads like inebriated ramblings in search of an editor. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought, ‘I can do that.’

But he got it out and we read or watched it, While we didn’t.

What strikes me about Parts Unknown is how much of the shows are ‘B Roll’–just recording Bourdain living and responding to situations around him.

Bourdain had a cameraman, a good microphone, and a pad of paper. But he, more importantly, blocked his calendar to edit the chaos into something he could voice a story into.

This ‘always creating. Always documenting’ is something good consultants do as well.


Sometimes I see junior consultants (especially Agile coaches) just slogging through the details, struggling to get their clients to do the very basics (planning, estimating, or estimating, for instance).

Creating every day for me is thinking about where my clients are right now and coming up with solutions that help them in the landscape they are in at the moment.

Always open to new possibilities.

All of us are creative, responding to new situations, spitting out new ideas every day.

Why not focus your ideas on helping others?

I know at least my clients can’t do it all themselves.