Tossed and Stirred

Jun 19, 2012 by Barc Category: Blog, Uncategorized 0 comments

Making more money normally results from providing more privilege, whether that privilege comes in a room, a meal, access, or clothes. More privilege costs more.

Like the $500 greens fees to an exclusive golf course.

And, of course, ‘privilege’, is a feeling the buyer has. Not inherent to the qualities of the purchase or service.

You can make a lot of money providing ingredients of privilege: like over-priced golf carts or grass seed for the golf course.

Or the privilege of connections.

I recently met a guy who worked at an importing company in Long Beach. Over time, he learned the importation rules and made friends with other importers. One of them exported high-end Japanese beef. But this importer didn’t know what to do with the cow hides left behind–until my friend introduced him to another guy who imported leather for car seats.


My friend made, and continues to make, a small fortune for making the connection.

A little bit of smarts, a little bit of luck, a little bit of human energy, tossed and stirred, provided the valuable privilege to eat kobe beef and sit on soft leather seats.

Don’t think for a minute the cowhide, car seats, importation rules, or greens fees have any inherent privilege (or meaning).