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I Smooshed a Squirrel

I smooshed a squirrel while moving the BBQ grill yesterday. I didn’t know he was hiding under there when I started to move it. But then I heard him squeal. I guess he fell out of the oak tree above it and, waiting to clear his head before re-ascending, was hiding, traumatized. It was traumatic […]

Pursuing a Hope

Nov 27, 2018 by Barc Category: Business, Leadership 0 comments Tags: dreams, politicians

My dad was a politician, first an Ohio State Representative (48th District, northwest side of Columbus), then Speaker Pro Tem (he raised the gavel when the actual Speaker was out), then sat on the Court of Appeals (in Ohio, an elected, non-partisan seat), then was appointed to the Supreme Court of Ohio by Jim Rhodes, […]

Jump the Net. I’m Ready.

Nov 16, 2018 by Barc Category: Management, People Management 0 comments Tags: feedback

There’s an approach for giving feedback out there that says you should only talk about what you feel and observe, and not assume or imply the other person’s intentions. A tennis metaphor is used: “Don’t jump the net,” meaning, when giving feedback, say what you see, not what you think the other person’s motivation was. […]

Fixing a Sore Thumb

Oct 09, 2018 by Barc Category: Consulting, Management 0 comments Tags: interviewing

Interview Tip #598: It’s not a great idea to tell your interviewer all that’s bad about their company’s mobile app, web site, customer experience, or customer service (though you think it’ll make you look smart and on it). Nine times out of ten, your interviewer will be well aware of the problem and more embarrassed […]

Consultants Bore Quickly

t’s not that hard to figure out when you are working with a consultant who already has a preconceived model he or she thinks will solve your problems. Today in the software delivery world, it’s bound to involve agile, kanban, or design thinking. Not that any well researched and tested methodology or framework is bad, […]

Like Gnats Against a Screen Door

Among other businesses, I own a retail store in Los Angeles. Though I’m thrilled to have lines of customers at our checkout counter ever day, it amazes me when our front desk people, who are supposed to greet people and help them purchase our services and products, continue to have personal conversations with each other […]

My Desert Island Consulting Tools

Sep 24, 2018 by Barc Category: Business, Consulting, Leadership 0 comments Tags: consulting, tools

If I was stranded on a desert Island with a client, and my client was open to passing the time with a little problem solving, I’m pretty sure we could make a lot of progress with only three tools. And, though I’m a technology consultant, the three tools I’d pick aren’t really technical. A whiteboard […]

Conference Catatonia

Aug 12, 2018 by Barc Category: Business 0 comments Tags: agile, conferences

We don't actually go to conferences to confer.

The OV (Original Visionary)

Aug 04, 2018 by Barc Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

We, the Sherpas have to hump or take off on our own trek.

The End of a Manager

Mar 05, 2018 by Barc Category: Management 0 comments

In early 1999, my wife Beckie, our newborn son Hank, and I lived in a pre-fab log cabin in the shadow of Mount Tamalpias in San Rafael, California. On Tuesday nights Beckie and I took massage classes at Mill Valley High School and on weekends hiked up the Dipsea Trail with Hank in a baby […]